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Animal Rights Groups: Cee-Lo, Put Away Your Cockatoo!

June 27,2012

Quirky singer and "The Voice" judge, Cee-lo Green is in trouble with several animal rights groups. The "Forget You" singer became quite famous for constantly holding a furry,white cat named Purrfect the Cat on the hit NBC talent show, The Voice. Now, Cee-lo has moved on to a different animal; a pink moluccan cockatoo named Lady. A spokeswoman for the animal rights group, Born Free told TMZ "Moluccan cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent animals but they are very challenging to care for, especially in the long term, and are prone to considerable welfare problems. Many Moluccan cockatoos develop self-destructive behavior including feather plucking and self-mutilation not known to occur in the wild." She then went on to say how she believes that The Voice should feature other animals on the show, such as dogs, to promote rescuing animals.      After hearing the news of several animal rights groups being furious with him, Cee-lo responded by saying that he met the bird "flying around in a fantasy of mine, she sometimes whispers inapproiateness in my ear." Knowing Cee-lo, a few haters are not going to stop him from putting on a good show.    What do you think? Is it wrong for Cee-lo to have "Lady" as a pet? Comment below and let us know!                                                                 
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