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Harry Styles Solo Song Leaks

June 14,2013

Is One Direction star Harry Styles going solo?  Well, not yet; but, a new song leaked earlier today that has the 19 year-old singer showing off his vocals, called "Don't Let Me Go." The track was supposedly written by Styles and features a different sound that we are used to hearing from One Direction.    Although it was rumored that Harry was recently in Los Angeles recording solo materical, the new track could probably just be a demo for the groups new album, as the boys have been talking about writing on the record as well as incorporating a new sound!  Regardless of whether this is a demo for One Direction's new album, a start to a solo career for Harry Styles, or just a song that Harry personally wrote and recorded for fun, we here at Natalieinterviews.com love it!! Do you like "Don't Let Me Go?" LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND LET US KNOW! 
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